4D Essentials Training

September 30th - October 2nd

4D For Web Training

October 3rd - 4th

Future-proof your business with 4D essential skills

Join us for 5 days where you can learn and develop your 4D technology skills with 4D experts.

Hands-On learning

Get guidance and in-depth details on how to implement new features directly from the 4D experts.

Technical sessions

Attend technical sessions that help you build the next generation of business apps using newly 4D technologies.

Meet Community

Meet new people and engage in exciting discussions around key topics with fellow developers and 4D experts.


Enlarge your development skills and broaden your grasp of 4D to develop your business apps quickly.


For an entire week, you'll get 3 days for 4D Essentials and 2 days for 4D for Web. Choose your personalized journey into 4D technology.

4D Essentials Training - Day 1

  • Structure
    • Tables and fields
    • Relations
      • Prepare relations for ORDA
    • Indexes
    • Primary keys
  • Forms
  • Methods
    • Triggers
  • Variables and Arrays
  • Debugging

4D Essentials Training - Day 2

  • Listboxes
  • Selections and Queries
  • Objects
  • Collections DIALOG(*) and Form variable

4D Essentials Training - Day 3

  • ORDA
    • Entity selections
    • Entity
    • Queries
  • Listboxes of Collection or entity selection
  • Menus
  • Simple file handling
  • Optimistic locking vs Pessimistic locking

4D For Web Training - Day 1

  • Web Overview
  • 4D Web Server
    • Settings
    • Web folder
  • Static Content
    • HTML,CSS, pictures
  • Dynamic Content
    • 4D Tags
    • Templates
    • 4DACTION
  • Server-Side Processing
    • On Web Connection method
    • JSON response

4D For Web Training - Day 2

  • Creation of an API with ORDA
    • CRUD operations per table
  • Practical example
    • Using Bootstrap, JQuery, and ag-grid
  • Session Management
    • On Web Authentication method
    • Web Process
    • Cookies
  • HTTPS and TLS certificates

See feedback from 4D Essentials Trainees

This class was a great blend of technical and hands-on learning. With a high level of expertise and preparation, Angelo helped us perfect familiar topics and introduced brand new ones.
Edward Comeau

I am so pleased with the training I received at the 4D Essentials Training Event. With 4 years of self-taught training, it was great to start from the ground up and see all 4D has to offer. Angelo is a very knowledgeable trainer and able to explain things to people of all levels.
William P. Smith Jr.

I enjoyed the 4D essentials course. Angelo Caropreses was an excellent trainer who made the course enjoyable and fun. The course demonstrated the power of 4D, especially the benefits of ORDA and dot notation. A very good introduction to 4D v17.



4D Essentials

3 Days - Access to 4D Essentials training.






September 30th - October 1st and 2nd

Who is this training for

Anyone who wants to increase his 4D skills and be fluent in the latest version.

4D for Web

2 Days - Access to 4D for Web training.






October 3rd and 4th

Who is this training for

Anyone looking to expand 4D to Web or Mobile.


5 Days - 4D Essentials and Web training.






From September 30th to October 4th

Who is this training for

Anyone looking to speed up the learning curve and quickly release business applications.

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