Here are the 4D World Tour's dates in Europe.

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Copenhagen: 14 April

Stockholm: 16 April

Brussels: 22 April

Antwerpen: 5 May

The Hague: 7 May

Madrid: 9 June

Milan: 11 June

London: 15 June 

Manchester: 18 June

Lausanne: 23 June

Biel: 25 June

4D World Tour in France, click here

4D World Tour in Germany & Austria, click here

Praha: 26 March

With over 40 stops, 4D is coming to a city near you. Join us for this exceptional event with the 4D team.

Join us to see the latest in 4D innovations – and how to start using them right away in your own solutions. The 4D team will be on hand to present its latest and greatest technologies, teach you the best and most practical ways to get immediate use out of them, and answer your burning questions.

Preliminary schedule

  • Breakfast and registration
  • Welcome
  • 4D business and company presentation
  • 4D v14 and v15 technical innovations
  • Lunch
  • 4D v14 and v15 technical innovations (cont'd)
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Q&A with the 4D team

Get the most ouf of 4D v14... and beyond!

Our events are always a great opportunity to see what's new in upcoming versions – and we promise you'll learn a lot about 4D v15 – but we want you to leave with practical, useful knowledge that you can use right away. Come and see what you can do right now to enrich your 4D solutions. We'll go over some great examples for you to easily enhance your apps, and we'll even give you the source code and scripts to integrate these techniques for yourself.

You'll discover a wide range of practical but stunningly productive possibilities, such as a presentation about Query and Selection, wherein you can search all or some fields from a single query field, and show the result as a selection or even as highlighted records.

Global query

Or perhaps you'd like to see multi-column typeahead in a dropbox... Or the use of Web Area to add the Tagit widget...

multi-column typeahead  

Or maybe you'd like to review how to use templating to create reports...

template report

You'll also get an exclusive look at some new 4D v15 features like the new indexable object field that can save enormous amounts of data in a single field, all using a fleximbal, schema-less field architecture from a NoSQL system alongside the transactional relational database.

Store custom user data in an object field. Query and sort as fast as with "normal" fields. Represent the content with a dynamically created user interface. 

Dynamic UI


Store custom user data in an object field, query & order as fast as a “normal” field – and represent the content with a dynamically created user interface.

In fact, you'll get the most complete look at 4D v15 to date, including the all-new 4D Write Pro, the 64-bit product line for OS X, and every new feature coming this year alone.

4D Mobile

Interested in going mobile? The business world is serious about mobile, and so are we. We'll be taking an inside look at 4D Mobile and how easily you can extend your existing 4D solutions to the realms of Web and mobile applications. 

This is just a quick preview. We'll be showing you much more, from Web services and PHP and QR Code to OS X Terminal for creating speech, to JavaScript libraries in Web Area, and beyond.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see for yourself – in person – what you can do with 4D, and take home examples and scripts how to use it in your own application.
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