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 4D’s v17 makes a quantum leap toward object-oriented programming. In addition, the v17 SDI offers support, dynamic forms, and much more. All of this helps us to develop faster and more user-friendly. Thank you. 

Wolfgang Weiß - CEO, Connectivity GmbH

 Developing with v17 is more fun than anything else I've done in 4D over the last 15 years! 

Kirk Brooks - Manager of IT, The Energy House

4D v17

 4D’s v17 beta has been internally deployed and tested for a couple of weeks. We are pleased to announce there are no detected issues. Increased performance for tasks such as payroll, tax reports, etc. We are very excited & eager to deploy v17, ASAP. 

John Adams - CEO, SapphireOne

 Am I crazy? Or does v17 look stable enough to deploy? Super impressed so far. 

Jeffrey Kain - Manager of Application Development, Sweetwater

4D v17
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